Teams 2019

Electric Marathon 2019 Rally Andrei Nagel Cup

The arrival of participants to Nice from 25th to 27th of May 2019.

The Event will be held between May 27 to 6th of June 2019.

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    Zero Car, Tesla Model S

    Toomas Arike, Clerk of the course (Estonia)
    Jüri Arike, Clerk of the course (Estonia)

    In Electric Marathon, the clerk of the course is a designated official in charge of managing various aspects of rally operations, including communication with drivers/teams, dispatching safety and rescue teams, coordinating chargings during rally, oversight of road conditions, fixing speed limits on every stage, deploying and withdrawing the safety car and determining whether or not to suspend a race in case of dangerous conditions. Generally, the clerk of the course is directly subordinate to the race director Jüri Tamm.

    Open Class

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    IUM Monaco, Tesla Model S

    Christjan Benjamin Esnaux (France)
    Ilona Duchesne (France)

    Open Class

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    SandFox, GAZ-M20 Pobeda

    Meelis Merlio (Estonia)
    Icon of Electric Marathon

    Converted to electric vintage car

    Open Class

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    Team Success, Tesla Model S

    Avo Veliste (Estonia)
    Kaido Sõmer (Estonia)

    Winners of Electric marathon Tallinn Monte Carlo 2018

    Open Class

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    Green Victory, Tesla Model S

    Jiri Vlk (Czech Republic)
    Lenka Vlkova (Czech Republic)

    Open Class

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    Technical support, Opel Vivaro

    Karlo Tamm (Estonia)
    Ats Rääk (Estonia)

    Referee: Inna Tamm (Estonia)

    Creative support: Kudres Lääts (Estonia)

    Tech Support

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    Technical support, Opel Vivaro

    Vlad Rodin (Ukraine)
    Roman Rodin (Ukraine)

    Referee: Natalia Rodina (Ukraine)

    Creative support: Joosep Soorsk (Estonia)

    Tech Support

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